The International Featured Standard (IFS)
is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked standard for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, agents and brokers. IFS addresses food safety and management of product quality in: Food and ingredient manufacturing.

What is FDA?

The FDA approves food additives in food
for people. FDA experts review the results
of appropriate tests done by companies
to ensure that the food additive is safe
for its intended use. An approved food additive must be used in compliance with
its approved uses, specifications,
and restrictions.


Can you tell the difference between genuine chocolate and a substitute? 

Genuine chocolate is made from cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar. Real chocolate is bitter. It is exclusively made from cocoa butter, without added vegetable fats.
It contains at least 35% cocoa solids.
In addition, milk chocolate contains powder milk. Genuine chocolate must contain at least 25% cocoa solids. White chocolate does not contain cocoa powder; its flavour comes from cocoa butter.

Storing chocolate


Chocolate should be storedin a room with
the temperature ranging from 18 - 20°C. Temperatures above 25°C can destroy the chocolate structure and this often leads
to the fat content appearing on the surface.


We recommend storing chocolate in a dry place with a relative humidity of 60% which reduces the risk of condensation on the surface of the chocolate, which is a direct result of temperature fluctuations.

Dark places

We recommend storing chocolate in a dark place. Long-term exposure to light can change the taste of the chocolate. This phenomenon is also called “daily taste”.

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